Ollie Made A Difference

Ollie (@thathumbleman) camped outside Parliament for months quietly advocating the Aotearoa New Zealand Parliament declare a climate emergency.

After 100 days, and setting a record as the longest running protest outside Parliament in New Zealand's history, he moved to Fridays only coz, family!
CHLÖE SWARBRICK (Green): I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. I seek leave to move a motion without notice and without debate to acknowledge 100 days of Ollie Langridge standing on Parliament's lawn, calling on this House to declare a climate emergency.

On the 23rd of August School Strike NZ will join Ollie Langridge in his 100th day of sitting outside of New Zealand Parliament calling for the government to declare a climate emergency.

It was an honour to stand alongside him on the very few lunchtimes I turned up. 

One voice, in the right place, can make a difference.
Ollie and Mike, 'Declare Climate Emergency Now'


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