"Foot in Mouth!" a "Post-It From London" - by Kate Ayres (London, UK)

From the Web 1.0 days I bring you The Forum. To preserve them for posterity as Geocities can no longer be found but also it's fun to re-read some of them.

30th March, 2001
Well, its now April and what has London got to offer the world? Well, according to some of the overseas news coverage I am looking at, you would think that we've shut down for business and turned the lights off - due to Foot and Mouth disease! The reality is very different… we're still working, eating, sleeping, clubbing, boozing and, in my case, chasing men… but CNN and ABC have a real downer… come on guys try real reporting not this rubbish which is scaremongering.

The situation is very serious, I have, 5 minutes from my front door, an exclusion zone of a sheep farm, the suffering of the poor farmers who look at losing not only their much loved sheep or cattle but the banks still want paying when they have nothing to sell. All because someone imported some rotten meat.. they believe it came in illegally, possibly in a suitcase from the Middle East… frightening…..

Tony Blair is, we believe, about to announce a General Election next week for sometime in early May, most are against this because of F&M disease… but hey if it topples the Government who am I to care!

For those in the "soccer" frame of mind, ex England coach and Spurs player, Glenn Hoddle has replaced George Graham as Manager at Spurs… As a Spurs fan I met the news with… well a shrug of the shoulders… If anyone remembers Glenn its not for his Spurs playing and fantastic goals but sadly his faith-healer Eileen he took to England matches and his awful comments about disabled people paying for their disability as a sin from a previous life… I will wait and see the outcome of the Spurs Arsenal match shortly…That's if Eileen doesn't tell us first!

Today its sunny and pundits from the Weather Centre and Met Office are predicting a hot, hot summer from May in the UK, with, wait for it, water shortages… sorry, I have just fallen off my shoes laughing, anyone visiting the UK at the moment will see from the air what appear to be giant inland lakes… these are the puddles and flood waters gripping the country since last October 2000… water shortage my eye!

Other London News … Geri Halliwell is selling her Berkshire mansion to move nearer to London… (wait for the news she's moving in with Robbie Williams that should be next!). Madonna and Guy Ritchie have successfully prosecuted a guy for illegally trying to film the christening of their son in Dornoch Scotland last December..

Looks like Bob Kiley, the American businessman brought in by Ken Livingstone to revamp our tube network is going to take John Prescott our Deputy Prime Minister and the Government to Court for failing to get the privatisation of the tube sorted in time… HO, ho, this we are all looking forward to … haven't you always wanted to sue your Government?

Well, more from Sunny London in about a month. Ciao KateX


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