"Where's the Party?" a "Post-It From London" - by Kate Ayres (London, UK)

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18th August, 2001

Morning and welcome to another post-it from London, or should that be Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain?! Yes, its the Brits Annual Two-week Rave Extravaganza to that tiny, normally peaceful island off the Spanish mainland - with wall to ceiling clubs and discos... 

You can tell this is the month as every other CD in the shop is "Chilled Out Ibiza" "Ibiza Mix 2001" "Ministry of Sound Ibiza Chill-out Zone Volume 10 etc, etc Mad, completely mad... 

For those who haven't witnessed the Brits on their annual holidays it aint a pretty sight.. We get thoroughly pissed every night, disrespect the locals and other foreign nationals, wear Union Jack shorts, T-shirts or any other national symbol to upset visitors and locals alike, don't wear sunscreen and get so burnt and blistered get hospitalised! Its a dreadful sight. Oh and we haven't worked out footwear either, sandals with socks and disastrous swimming trunks and attire... thank god the French and Italians have style!

The whole two week experience is really an excuse to take vast quantity of drugs, dress in minimal clothing and cavort to dance music in soap suds... hmmm might sound great but ruins your stilletto sandals in pink I can tell you! Most cannot get over the noise and the expense, these clubs charge $15.00 NZ for a spirit or beer!!!! and entrance if after 10.00 pm is - wait for it - $NZ90.00 !!! You are advised to get free flyers being handed out on the beach daily... and at these prices how the hell do you afford it? I prefer a good bop but I couldn't afford the prices for a 2 week bomb session.

Now people are moving from Ibiza to Cyprus off Turkey. Somebody warn the Greeks and Cypriots please!!

I myself cannot go on a jaunt this year, but I am going to Belgium at the end of August for a break in Belgium... the land of chocolates, moules (mussels) and Frites (chips) and of course 360 beers made by monks (yep some think beer making is a relgion and these blokes prove that theory right!)

I shall be completely surrounded by Belgians and not a Brit in sight! aah bliss....

I intend to spend my time in bars, eating Belgian cuisine, a lot like the French only more chicken!!! Going to visit some World War I and II battlefields and museums. Perhaps a trip to the theatre and a night out in Brussels. Of course shopping for that "little something to wear on a date" too... Come on I am a girl... shopping is a gene contained in our heads and we just have to do something about it daily!!!

So, when you're travelling around Europe, its summer and your told to go and check out this little island just off spain for a "bit of clubbing" don't say you haven't been warned! You're better off going anywhere else for the duration.

Love till my next Post-it From London... 
Kate XXX


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