Something Rhymes with Purple podcast

If the English language, the words therein, and the stories behind them are your thing then Something Rhymes with Purple is for you. Mind you if you're into name dropping, some slightly 'naughty' comments, and a voice that oozes syrup then this is also the podcast for you.

Susie Dent, the queen of Dictionary Corner in both Countdown (legit version), and 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown (dodgy funny version), is a delight to listen to. Of course she knows the history and origins of all the words but she also has a lovely calm and clear way about her. And she knows where all the best swear words come from.

Gyles Brandreth is quite the force and there's no-one he doesn't know or at least have a story about. I love his curiosity and how he asks, "Where did that come from?" for every word, even the ones that are "boring" / "everyday" before they whizz on by.

I'd be very happy to say I use the 3 words of the week from Susie.
I don't, so I can't, maybe you will 😁


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