"You can do it Mel!"

September 2018 and it was a lunchtime at Te Papa so I had popped out to get a breath of fresh air.

At the diving board there was a crowd, always a sign that there's someone throwing themselves into the harbour water.

Music playing though, and the crowd were looking to the left of the diving board.

Two perfectly reasonable looking office people had unreasonably dressed up in 80s leggings and tutus and were giving the cheering crowd a show to behold. Synchronised dancing was happening, and they had obviously practiced.

Then up popped the man. Up to the top of the diving board and without a care in the world he launched himself off. Kersploosh followed by cheers!

It was Mel's turn ... would she be so brave ...

 I have an album of photos and videos, including dancing - top work those two Plunket peeps and spo typical of Wellington Waterfront to throw up something like this of a random lunchtime.


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