Deep Purple MkII ... I Thought I Knew It All

Deep Purple MkII are the band I fell in love with.

I collected everything including many bootlegs.
I thought I knew it all ... and then this after a work colleague shared a mix.

This, this is ... I have no words, I don't know/remember the song and certainly don't recall the Spike Milligan/Python approach to the  ... film ... ?

To be fair it's 1969 and therefore probably after Blackmore had sacked the old band, which wasn't his band to to sack but egos do what egos can.

AND THEN ... this is also unknown to me, is this really Purple playing, that looks like Lord, Paice, and perhaps Glover ... but ... what is going on? Part of the Concerto for Group and Orchestra, but sounds more like a soundtrack.

And the men in tight black shorts ... ?

Ah, from the same 'show':
Some information about the background from Nigel Young on
It is the bizarre, avant garde and arty film, P2, by Werner Schretzmeier and Juergen Schmidt-Oehm, which also includes Steppenwolf and Savage Rose and was filmed near to Stuttgart in early October ’69. It runs for 47 minutes and opens with And The Address with the band out in the countryside on a motor bed (!), so the studio footage of them miming the track is minimal. They’re almost acting (Gillan: “Where’s my breakfast?” Jon: “Who turned the light on?” – these phrases are later spoken by schoolchildren in class). John Coletta also appears during this part, in a night shirt! April, also mimed, is the full song but from one static camera. Two guys in hard hats set up the seats and music stands for the orchestra whilst Purple do the first part. The band are facing out onto a quarry, Ritchie is virtually unseen and Gillan can only be seen when he’s having a smoke. There are hundreds of men in swimming trunks (also in the opening number). Hey Joe (mimed) was filmed at night and the (pre-The Stig) mystery biker (also seen in the opening track) delivers soap for the workers. It was shown on TV in March 1970, mid-afternoon.


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