WWII Finnish Soldier Out Of His Mind On Drugs Escaping Russians

This is a true story, apparently.

... he mistook the North Star for the light of a friendly cabin and tried to ski into the sky.

It is written up quite jovially but I'm sure it wasn't quite so jolly for Aimo Koivunen at the time.

He regained consciousness some time later, finding himself in a hole of snow three feet deep, holding a smoldering ski pole in one hand and the door handle in the other. The explosions had blasted most of his clothes off and left him too injured to walk. He just about managed to start a small fire with the remains of the door and boiled some snow, but the situation was desperate. 

And believe me, it's a story that just keeps on giving - don't stop at the wee history lesson towards the beginning, there's MUCH more to come after that!

He finally wrote a short memoir in 1977, after a local magazine held a contest for soldiers to tell their stories. It took ... second place.

Meet The Soldier Who (Accidentally) Had An Epic Drug Trip ... In The Middle of WWII



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