Welsh Choral Society £50-5-8 for the building, or more likely a later restoration/rebuilding of, the Sydney Hospital.

Other benefactors that caught my eye include "STEWART, Nellie - The matinee performance of 'Sweet Nell of Old Drury'" with a whopping £1500, the "Daily Telegraph Radium Fund", "Chinese Masonic Lodge per Moy Sing", and "Workmen Zig Zag Deviation".

I shall also be researching "Upton Miss Daisy", a person, a company, a what?
Benefactors of Sydney Hospital, large plague of names
By 1984, restoration of the old Rum Hospital building was complete. Together with its "twin" the former Mint, it remains the oldest building in Macquarie Street and the oldest public building in the City of Sydney. Arguably of all Sydney buildings, none have had a longer or more central influence in the affairs of the state than the North Wing.


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