Alf's Bait Shop

So, the story goes ... 

My Dad was a massive Home and Away fan back in the late 90s and early 2000s, during that time he and Mum came to visit, whilst I was living in Sydney.

I was working and so, during the days, they took themselves off to see the sites.

One hot sunny day they caught various modes of public transport all the way up to "Summer Bay" to see where Home and Away was filmed.

As the bus drew into Palm Beach Dad saw that they were actually filming and, like a giggly school fan, jumped off the bus to run down the street just in case they packed up before he got there. 

I loved that about Dad, he wouldn't have cared a jot and not given it a thought that this could've looked unbecoming to those observing. In fact he would've laughed and said, "Just a bit of fun eh, got to enjoy life!"

Alf's Bait Shop, Palm Beach (Sydney)


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