One Year Ago She Joined Us

It was the weekend of AoNZ going into COVID lockdown that Meg and I had decided to go and get a cat for the home.

We'd been talking about having a pet for a while, I'd like a tortoise but they're so expensive here. Maybe some fish, but I would want a full aquarium and that was also an expensive set up. I'm not allowed to have a dog in this house, one of only two rules the owners have, fair enough.

So up to the Mt Vic SPCA we tootled. "I want an older cat", I said to Meg as we wandered in. 

There were only three older cats, and I immediately liked the quiet ginger one. We popped to the office, signed the forms, paid the money, got the feed, and we were driving away with a ginger cat in a box.

Meg and I renamed her Gladys just seconds before she took up a safe position under the bath for the next few days.

She ran away, she fell from the mezzanine, she leapt off the deck, and she ran away again. She was all over Meg but was definitely wary of me and hadn't come anywhere near.

Then it was time for Meg to stay a week at her mothers and away she went. Still being in full lockdown it was a big house to myself and I was sad. This was the moment Gladys decided I needed a cuddle and she hopped up onto my lap.

She's been a rock though all the ruptures of 2020 and is constantly a source of laughs, comfort, and cuddles.

Gladys the cat, here she is with another "Official Gladys Update":

Well, it's been a year of changes for you humans but more importantly one for me. They have been very welcoming at my new home and if you want to visit just make an appointment with my personal secretary. I'll wish you all the best, hope you're having a grand time in your homes, and as always #BeKind

Gladys the cat

Over the COVID time Gladys was a source of Twitter "Official Gladys Updates" and even posters, here's a select few.

COVID Poster: Checking in with the app is weird the first time. You get use to it, trust me

COVID Poster: Where were you 2 weeks ago? Always check-in

COVID Poster: Let's assume you're COVID. Now what?


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