No Such Thing As A Fish podcast

Discovery is always the issue with da Internet, just so much stuff. Which is why Google and Facebook are such behemoths, one let's you find stuff by intent and the other by what your friends think.

Podcasts are a whole different issue being audio and therefore not 'static' text or images. For some reason Google is pretty good at finding video for you, probably coz it owns YouTube and has a long time to work on it.

Audio and radio feels like it should be easier, it's just words. Anyway, podcasts that you might like can be a bloody hard job to find, and so here's one I think you might like.

No Such Thing As A Fish podcast

No Such Thing As A Fish is a massively popular offshoot from the long running QI BBC TV series discussing four interesting facts and delving deep whilst having a laugh on the way. The weekly podcast is hosted by four QI Elves, Dan Schreiber, Anna Ptaszynski, Andrew Hunter Murray, and James Harkin. 

And the name, well the podcast name comes from a fact as seen in Series H of the QI TV series:


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