You Are My Village, Thank You

Even though labelling a time span with a number is a weird human thing to do, and of course many other humans use a different numbering system, I do feel a drive deep inside me to say thank you to so many people for helping me get through this weird, wonderful, scary, and above all ... wait for it, unprecedented year that many have called 2020.

If you've ever watched an Oscar awards evening, especially from the 1980s when the rules were more relaxed on winners speech making opportunities, then you'll be well prepared for what is about to happen.

I already know, not having written anything yet, that I have missed out people, many of those that have played an integral part to me arriving here.

To each and everyone of you know that you are part of the village that has held their arms around me, shown more kindness than I knew possible, and have made such a positive difference to me I am forever in your debt.

To Hannah, Betty, Meg, and Gladys, you have been my rocks.

Paul, and Dave without you I would've felt alone in this journey.

To Betty, Derek, and Rob, we are closer now than we've been for so long.

Adam, Ian, Lorie, and Jude, your words and actions have always been words of support and comfort to me.

Brenda, Paul, Karen, Sara, and Susan, KK and Pete, and Michelle, you have been there in so many different ways.

Nat, Colin, Andrew, and Kate, (and others already mentioned) you have all helped me survive the very lean financial moments.

Linda, Benoit, and those at work, it's been a joy to meet and get to know you.

There are so many that I met too briefly that had words of comfort and wisdom, Duncan, Shane, La, Desiree, Neil, and James.

To Julie who's been a tower of support for Betty, thank you.

So many people and, as indicated at the start, I have missed off many that should be equally thanked, I will in due course.

I'd also like to say a thank you to the "faceless bureaucrats"*, the "essential workers", the politicians and advisers that made the big calls early, the "delivery person", the "taxi drivers", the "health workers", my "pocket friends" on Twitter, and to everyone else that kept, and are still keeping, myself and the country going in a state of relative normality.

In that vain I'd also like to thank Sinead for buying Stuff, Siouxsie for the COVID info, Shane for the rugby at the stadium, Sean for beers with friends at Goldings, and every streaming service for the all the comforting music, movies, and binge TV.

2020 eh - even if we'd experienced just one of the momentous events this year has dumped upon us it would be a year to remember but not necessarily love.

What the future holds is uncertain, as I write the new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is spreading around the world at an alarming rate, Donald T***p has a few more weeks of destruction to unleash, and despite a Brexit deal being done it's left the EU and UK businesses only 5 days to do anything about it.

Climate Emergency hangs over the whole planet and the 1% hoarding all the gold know it won't help them.

I am, as always, full of hope though. I look into the eyes of my children and whilst they are anxious, and absolutely pissed off with anyone older than them, they have a steely look that this shit won't happen again. People like Golriz and Chlöe are leading that charge, support them all in any way you can.

* [faceless bureaucrats], they are anything but faceless, get to know them and you'll see many working in all levels of government that are passionate, dedicated, and driven, it's an honour to know so many of them.


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