Rena Disaster, Mural Detail

If you turn 180° after admiring the Kevin Ledo mural on Steeple Lane you'll see this by Cracked Ink on the opposite wall.

Rena Disaster, mural detail (Steeple Lane, Mauao, Aotearoa)

This is a small detail photo of the full wall. Oh, and it's NOT a black and white photo either 😜

This piece has alot of deep meaning in it with most pointing to the Rena disaster which ruined the shore all along the Bay Of Plenty region.

source: Street Prints, Cracked Ink - Rena Disaster

This mural is part of Street Prints that happens in locations all over the country having started in Mauao / Mount Maunganui in 2015.

Street Prints is a unique platform where multidisciplinary artists create and engage in a meaningful way with communities through an indigenous lens


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