A Blast From The Past

La Boca Loca was a fantastic addition to the newly revamped Miramar centre and will always be remembered. Here they are at the Cuba Mall Night Market back in February 2018.

The Promised Land

There's endless talk about Shelley Bay but very little about the vast amounts of land above it and around the northern tip of Miramar Peninsula.

It's up here, where the movies are made, the gun emplacements are coloured in, and the prisoners once roamed that the real views are to be found.

What will happen to this land?

Who knows, the latest official 'plan' is from December 2016 and no local councillors are willing to talk about it.

However, there is a fantastic 'national park' design from the Motukairangi Design Group that many support. I do.

Wellington view from Maupuia above the Massey Memorial


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