Buy Your Mate A Beer

I always loved this idea at Photonflux. I also do the odd pay it forward coffee - I've been the recipient of one and it made my day.

There's A Lot In The World To See

I have a stack of photo albums that I've shared and one collection is called,"Views of the world".

And boy oh boy this one collection contains so so many gloriously diverse albums.

There's places, obviously - Monmouth, London, the UK in general, Stockholm, Sydney, Brisbane and all over Australia. There also Berlin, Moscow, Ubud, Beijing, and Hawai'i.

But then there's things like bars of the world, sunsets and sunrises, mountains and volcanoes, rainbows, and even The Universe.

I hope you enjoy dipping in and out of the albums 👍

Monmouths Monnow Bridge, 2019