Flying Away, Metaphorically

It's been a tough 24 hours for Mike and his wobbly brain. Through the love and timely words of friends and family (❤️) I am definitely coming out the other side.It also feels like I've turned a massive corner in my stuckness of the past year and am no longer living in the past but looking to the future. I am experiencing an exciting newness and hope that I've not had for far too long.Out of adversity comes hope, out of hope comes action. On a scale of 1 to 10 I have ranged from 1 and am, as I write this, climbing to a 5.
Never alone.

Turbulence, So Now I Know

I've always known that modelling moving fluids is VERY difficult. Take a look at early movie CGI and any liquid feels "solid". When they cracked it, and by that I mean when they had worked out how to fool us, there was a big step up in the types of movies we all got to ignore.
So I knew modelling turbulence was hard.

And I just read an article that, whilst explaining the work of some people that proved something or other, explained why turbulence is so hard.

Turbulence is recursive. By that I mean look closely at a swirling vortex within turbulent water* and there are tiny vortices, and it's vorticies all the way down, "until the effects of internal friction (or viscosity) within the fluid take over and the flow smooths out."

Hah, obvious when you read about it and obvious when you think about it.

With so so many layers all bundled up inside one another then, yeah, it's bloody hard.

And now I know, and so do you.

* doesn't have to be water, one could easily think about a turbulent life, a turbulent society, a turbulent game, and the same recursive-ness applies - there's always something deeper going on