MMP: Don't Let Yourself Be Split

This perfectly valid MMP result is still confusing and clearly "unfair", "gamed", or "bulshit" as it causes a lot of anger amongst many. It will take time for the FPP mentality to fade away and so be kind to those struggling with this change.

It is NOT a competition, despite what anyone will tell you - there are no winners or losers, there is a bunch of people sitting in Parliament trying to work out how to ensure NZ is safe, prosperous and fair. Check out the Committee work to see how Parliament truly works and not the bun fight at PM Question Time or the hangers-on "reporting". And definitely don't pay credence to anyone that is blinded by dogma.

If you are goaded into a "them" vs "us" discussion question where people are putting the split - Miramar v Wellington, South Island v North Island, union v league, urban v country, people v companies, humanity v aliens, you v the person, gang v gang, male v female ...

Find the connection instead, that's where the fun is.
And that's what MMP demands of the politicians - connect and work together, who can say that's a bad thing?

"We don't know how lucky we are"


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