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VoteCompass - Will It Sway Me?

So, I've done Policy from SpinoffTV and On The Fence, so let's give VoteCompass from TVNZ a whirl -

It's simple, if quite intrusive, just click through a stack of questions rating them on a scale, then rate the parties and leaders, check the results, fiddle with the weightings and voila, yet another picture of who they think I will be voting for ... but we know who I'll be voting for eh, Paul Eagle (Labour) for the Rongotai Electorate and Greens with my Party Vote.

"Intrusive Mike, how so?" - they ask quite a bit about yourself, age, where you live (by postcode) and anything else you want to give them - all voluntary and you don't have to do it! They will even accept your Twitter handle if you want which totally puts who you voted for last time and who will vote for this time (if you tell them) as public record ...

This is me after all that ...