Red Nose Day (Nov 19th) - You Make The Whole World Smile 2010

Of course I'm gonna post this - not only a great song (it takes a little time to get moving), good cause but hey, it's Anika!
Cure Kids, in association with Paper Plus Group, is bringing back Red Nose Day -- bigger and better than ever before -- with the aim of raising $1 million to help fund research into life-threatening childhood illnesses affecting Kiwi kids.

Cure Kids' goal is to reach every Kiwi in the land and create a sea of red come November 19th through the sale of red noses, badges, wristbands, car noses and Cadbury's Jaffas, all available from Paper Plus stores from Thursday October 28th.

[Updated] Corrected date in title, thanks Mauricio


  1. The blog subject says 18th November, but it's actually 19th...


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