Is This For Real? And How Much Would You Pay For The UK?

(I'm linking to my shared Buzz coz the original site seems to be struggling with the traffic)

Righty-ho all your conspiracy lovers, wrap your madness around this one - Did somebody just try to buy the British government? (my link) via Charlie's Diary (original link)

In a nutshell ... actually no, there is no way to pop this into a nutshell - go read it all!

Thoughts from Miramar:
  • Do Lords get to say things like this now-a-days, ", he came back and said, "You can get lost. I'm not touching this with a bargepole; it is far too difficult. Take it back to the Treasury". So I did."
  • Can anyone actually link me to the entry in Hansard
  • If not real then what's the point (publicity I s'pect)
  • Note the original site is ... !!
I am done.


  1. Seems to be all real and he did say it in the House of Lords - check out the links left in the comments on the original post.

    For now though:

    TheyWorkForYou take Hansard and drop it into a huge query engine and analysis tool, with loads of value-added features like user annotations, automated political scorecards, RSS feeds, subscriptions, postcode loops, etc.)

    Note: there is a New Zealand version:


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