Girt By Sea

It's right there, in the opening verse of Advance Australia Fair so it must be true.

The Terrible London Smog of 1952

I've always been fascinated by this event and I really must ask Dad about it as I'm sure he would've been there at the time (very young, of course ;-)
On the Isle of Dogs, almost surrounded by the Thames, visibility was occasionally reported to be nil – the fog was so dense that people could not see their own feet.
Read the full article over at the Another Nickel In The Machine blog that I discovered on March 11th this year in Christchurch whilst listening to the BBC podcast called (now) Outriders. How so specific, it was my birthday :-)


Vicus Scurra said…
Those people should be grateful. The feet of Londoners are notoriously unattractive. On the (blessedly few) occasions of my visit to said area I have to make sure that my eyes remain focused on the top of tall buildings.