Happy 1st Birthday To Hashigo Zake - FREE Celebratory Drink

I am filled with admiration for Dominic and how he has, in a relatively short time, created Hashigo Zake, a wonderful bar filled with amazing beer, great staff and comfort. And he's successfully managed to tap (!) in to the now obvious demand for such a place here in Wellington.

So pop along on Thursday and/or Friday (9th/10th) to Hashigo Zake and help them celebrate their first birthday party! If you're on Twitter you can let everyone know you'll be there Thursday: http://twtvite.com/hashigozake1yr

This from their newsletter:
Our 1st Birthday

The astute among you might have noticed that we're up to Issue #51 of what is more or less a weekly dispatch. Which means we must be close to a year's worth.

Our birthday is next week, and at that time we will contemplate the significance of the milestone while expressing contempt for those who were skeptical a year ago. This week however is for shamelessly promoting the event itself.

So... next Thursday and Friday, with the assistance of a few of our favourite brewers, we will offer several hundred complimentary glasses of fine, locally made ale to thank you, our beloved customers for your patronage. We will also find a way to give away one or two of our most precious bottles of imported beer.

There will be no gilt-edged invitations and no-one is more or less welcome than anyone else. Just come on down and enter into the spirit of things.


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