FINALLY! Give-way Rules Set To Change

For anyone that has the pleasure of being in the car with me you will finally get the peace and quiet of turning off/onto a main road without me blurting out, "Fucking stupid rule!"

Here's the proposed change from "madness" to "sanity":

All the details at Give-way rules set to change - Govt
New Zealand is the only country in the world with this priority rule. The Automobile Association says the rules are a factor in 2560 intersection crashes, and one or two deaths, each year. Some 17 percent of crashes are at intersections.

Thank you Colin for the heads-up tweet


  1. I've never followed the current rules for the T-Intersection.

    Changing the rules will probably only cause more accidents too :(

  2. Don't change...

    Let's see:

    Current: Red car waits in the safety of its own lane, while Green car crosses.

    Proposal (note colour reversal showing who gets preference): Green car goes ahead and turns, while Red car waits - quite possibly in the middle of the road, because I doubt everyone will just wait nicely like that picture...

  3. Hey, my car has so many dings on it another couple wont hurt as I bump my way through the 'new' rule.


  4. I came here just before the new (1977) rules and thought they were stupid. Oddly, I got used to them after so many years’ driving. Generally, however, I agree that this is a change toward the sane: why were we the only country in the world that made intersections so confusing? Even the Melbourne hook turns make more sense!


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