Chocolate Fish II, Officially Coming Back - Shelley Bay

All the news from The Noldor Blog, the fine Weta-following blog from Jack M:
Wellington Lord Of The Rings tourguide. Look me up when you're in town, or ask for me by name at Flat Earth Tours when you book your Rings tour!

Anywho, it sounds like the Chocolate Fish mk II will start small:
The general gist is that the Choc Fish II will open at Shelly Bay Airforce Base, around October first or thereabouts, and will at first be a reduced version of the original cafe. As the land still hasn't been properly redeveloped yet, there won't be a full kitchen, restricting it to just a barbecue grill. ...

... there will be sit-down space available, although the lunches will probably be served on takeaway plates, since there won't be a lot of cleaning facilities. Probably no toilets in the first bit either .... plan is that they will be there to stay, as long as they could get a long term lease

Picture from Jack M: "Chocolate Fish Cafe Mark II Wellington N.Z."


  1. oooo
    i wonder where at shelly bay
    there's loads of building there


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