The Riverdales Need To Find A New Home

Yep, after a number of years in this particular house our landlord has decided he's had enough of the wild parties and is kicking us out ... oh, alright, it's nothing quite so dramatic as that.

Des has a new job back in Wellington and we've got until February 2010, when our lease runs out, to find a new place for the Riverdales. Well, to be fair we'd be looking to move before our overseas trip in December which would work out best for all of us ... this only gives us SIX MONTHS TO FIND A PLACE!

I think we'll be fine.

So what are we looking for - the list so far (in no order)
  • View
  • Be in Worser Bay School zone
  • Cat flap
  • Sun
  • Separate dining / living
  • 2 living areas
  • Indoor/outdoor flow
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Modern kitchen
  • Modern bathroom
  • Garage
  • Near bus route
  • Garden
  • Deck
  • TelstraClear cable internet
  • Effective heating
  • Potential long lease
  • Good storage
  • Great wardrobes
From the sweeping to the finer details.

If you know of anything, let us know -


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