Microsoft Will Pay You To Use Free Software

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (it's a web browser ... may even be the one you're using but knowing my readership, unlikely). It's a browser, it works .... meh. Of course Microsoft want you to use there's before Google's Chrome, Apple's Safari and those upstarts from Opera or Flock.

All of those, including Microsoft's IE, are free.
You go to any of the links above and download, install and use for free.
Nothing will be asked of you now or later.

So why does Microsoft want to give you $10,000 to use their version of free software?
I know, do you ...

BUT the most galling bit is if you got to the competition page, and have the audacity to be using a non-IE browser you get told to naff off ...

(this was for Opera Unity, obviously didn't know how to handle this new browser :-)

The message in all it's glory for Chrome users (click for biggery) ...


  1. funny thing is that the bulk of that comp page is rendered as images.... even the body text!!!!! what, can't IE 8 handle html?

    judging by past versions maybe not

  2. @anon Yeah, strange eh

    @dave "IE mode" isn't FF. IE has to be loaded and then FF merely passes it through to the IE to render the page - think of it as IE "embedded" within FF


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