The Best Of YouTube - Brilliant Videos DO Exist In YouTube

Ok, say YouTube to yourself, what's your first reaction ... after, "Why am I talking to myself?!". If like me it probably went something like this:

Me: YouTube ... ?
Me 2 (mini me?): Hmm, crap videos at appalling quality of knobends falling off skateboards
Me: oookay ...
Mini Me: Ooh, ooh ... AND, teenagers slapping each other!
Me: ... ! ...
Mini Me (tm): And as much illegal uploads of music videos as your Internet connection can handle.
Me: So, not worth the 20 hours of video a minute being uploaded then?
Mini Me (tm): Nope!


And then I got an iPhone.
With the iPhone came iTunes.
And iTunes let me wander naked through the world of podcasts - I know, slow on the uptake for a computer guy.
Within this strange world I stumbled across The Best Of YouTube podcast.

I now think that YouTube is not only full of knobends and illegal music but also has amazing artists, truly funny incidents, amazing speeches, incredible animation and totally and utterly legal uploads from the BBC.

I love YouTube, all 20 hours of video a minute!


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