Live A Week With A Stranger - I Like That Idea

I have become a huge listener of podcasts - by that I mean both that I have put on weight and am now larger around the hips than I ever have been AND that I voraciously consume quality podcasts via iTunes (grrrr).

(it normally lasts 5 minutes - critique and discussion after the bell tings on the idea giver)

And I've just heard one where the guy (sorry, forgotten name) said that we should all spend a week with a stranger to experience the differing rhythms of the humanity around us.

I like this idea.

The Riversdales experienced a little of this recently as we house-swapped with a family from Auckland. Whilst they weren't in the house we certainly discovered that people do things differently and equally as interesting do things the same in weird small ways. I discovered a husband that obviously had the same taste in TV/movies as I from the DVD collection but wasn't as musically orientated. The kids lived in rooms of older children and gained a sense of what it'll be like when they grow up a bit. Liz loved the lack of wind in Auckland :-)

And we want to do it more - house-swap that is.

If you're from around the world, closer to home in New Zealand or even in this wonderful city of Wellington and like a change, drop me a line ( and let's see if we can "live a week in a strangers home"


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