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[Updated: 23-Feb-2009]
As you've all probably read/seen the NZ Government has delayed the implementation of Section 92a. I'd like to congratulate Bronwyn and Matthew as well as all their supporters for an amazing effort.

Read more at many news websites, here's the low down from Radio New Zealand:

The Government has announced it will delay the introduction of a controversial new copyright law due to come into effect this week.

Last week the Government was presented with a petition signed online by more than 10,000 people against Section 92A of the Copyright Act.

It requires Internet Service Providers to disconnect users accused of illegally downloading copyrighted material, and opponents say people will be disconnected without evidence or court scrutiny.

Prime Minister John Key says the implementation of Section 92A will now be delayed until 27 March to give the industry time to agree on a voluntary code of practice.

Mr Key says if there has not been agreement by then, the provision will be suspended.

If it is, a review in six months will determine whether the new law's working.

Mr Key says the internet is not the "wild west" and copyright holders are entitled to recognition or compensation for their work.

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