Ubuntu Eye Candy: How To Get The Cube Desktop

It has to be said that this is a posting for me as I keep forgetting how to set up the Compiz Cube Desktop effect on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), *ahem*

1: Turn on effects
Choose the level of effects from the menu bar using System -> Preferences -> Appearance. Once the Appearance dialog appears, click on the Visual Effects tab and select Advanced

2: Install the config apps
Install the Compiz Configuration Settings Manager (called Advanced Desktop Effects Settings in Add/Remove) and the Fusion Icon.
These can be installed by opening Applications -> Add/Remove, then typing “compiz” in the search box

3: Amend the effects
Compiz Settings may be found under System -> Preferences -> Compiz Config Settings Manager
  1. Desktop -> Desktop Cube - check
  2. General -> Desktop Size tab -> set Horizontal Virtual Size to 4
  3. For opacity: Desktop -> Desktop Cube -> Transparent cube tab

Thanks to Reformed Musings: Compiz Fusion Desktop Effects and UbuntuForums: 8.10 - Compiz 3D Cube & Enabling Desktop Effects


  1. Don't forget to set images for the top and bottom of the cube and also the background when in cube mode.
    Plenty of cool settings in the animations configuration as well.


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