New NZ Support Resource When A Sudden Death Happens

Strange how the universe works eh, this "to all"email from Tricia Irving from skylight is, to be honest, spooky prescient - the PDF "attached" is here


Attached is a PDF about Skylight's just launched support handbook DEATH WITHOUT WARNING - for people impacted by a sudden, unexpected death of any kind, including accidental death, natural sudden death, suicide and murder.

Published by Skylight, and launched last week by the Chief Coroner, Judge Neil MacLean, its publication has been supported by ACC and FDANZ (Funeral Directors Association of NZ).

Skylight has made sure it was released before the summer break, and expects this practical book to be invaluable for many bereaved in sudden circumstances - and for those supporting them professionally - as it contains key information about what happens after a sudden death, and about people or organisations that may be involved, as well as info about the trauma and grief that follows and strategies for managing them. Includes a section relating to the grief and support of children and teens. Professionals will find the up to date NZ information very helpful as a reference also.

The handbook's contents are indicated on the back page of the PDF.

Please let colleagues know of this launched new resource, as appropriate. It's been designed to be as useful as possible. Ordering information is on the PDF.

Thank you.

Tricia Irving Hendry
Resource and Information Centre Manager
PO Box 7309, Wellington South, New Zealand 6242
Fax: +64 4 939 4759
Phone: 0800 299 100 or +64 4 939 6767
Direct Line: +64 4 939 6761
Cell: 021 987 995

Skylight - supporting children, young people and their families through change, loss and grief - whatever its cause.


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