Date For The Calendar: Worser Bay School Annual Fair

From all accounts this is the school fair to top all school fairs with the rich and mighty of Seatoun/Miramar Heights dropping off their seconds to be sold for a song - everything from designer clothes (oodles of girls stuff), object d'art and even the local businesses supplying goodies (you know what the local Miramar businesses are!)

What: Worser Bay School Fair
When: Sunday 9th November, 11am-2pm
Where: 168 Seatoun Heights Road, Miramar, Wellington

And don't forget that you can subscribe to the (currently) unofficial Worser Bay School calendar (iCal)

Oh, and finally the almost top Miramar North Fair is on this Saturday (I think). This is the school near Camperdown Studios and the Weta Cave so expect some fine articles for sale and a great made up set of classrooms to explore.


  1. Good one on the Google calendar!

    Now if they'd just do all class permission slips online.. i want an email with a link to a web page "I hereby give Matthew permission to go to the City Gallery blah blah blah" and hit approve and it will automatically deduct the $7.50 from my account, and forward my approval to the office. Can you make that happen? :)

    We will definitely be at the fair! Here's hoping the weather is good.

  2. :-) Let me sort out the calendar (still unofficial but meeting with the school dudettes on Monday) and then I can tackle that one next - technically, easy as.

    See ya there


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