New Zealanders, Salt Of The Earth But ...

Why of why (Delilah!) is 'talkback radio' so damned popular.
I just don't get it.

Kiwi's are, when you get to know any one of them, "salt of the earth" types. Even the ones that drink Lattes and Flat Whites and can tell you the difference (thanks everyone). The types of people you'll meet outside of the "main centres" (there are 5 centres) are even saltier.

New Zealanders (for it is they that are labelled 'Kiwis') are practicable, fair minded, knowledgeable, tough but fair and not adverse to sticking up for the underdog when it seems ... fair.

Ok - these are great, sweeping broad brush phrases that can be applied to many a nation and many an individual. However, I would hazard a guess that these attributes are ones that Kiwis apply to themselves and their fellow citizens. They are commonly applied to Kiwis by "outsiders" receiving a hearty, "Too right mate" from any New Zealander within half a yard of hearing it.

So why oh why is "talkback radio" so popular?

I'm not talking the technicalities of talkback radio but the rednecked attitude that people usually (correctly) associate with the concept talkback radio. Now I'm sure there are many instances of talkback radio not being rednecked ... but if you listen for long enough you are sure to stumble across a phrase, comment or discussion that will do one or more of the following:
  • blame Asians for bad driving
  • blame Maori for all crime
  • blame the Labour Government for being "too PC"
  • blame the lesbians (in Government no doubt) for dumbing down the boys at school
  • blame the left-wingers (whoever they are) for "making us a nation of spongers"
Blame is very popular ...

So how do those phrases, common enough on your typical talkback radio station any late evening, gell with the attributes Kiwis love to hear/apply to themselves?
I just don't get it.

Ok, so it's a small bunch of people participating in talkback radio.
It's a slightly bigger bunch of people listening and nodding.
Together they're not that insignificant though, otherwise talkback radio stations would go out of business ... no?

Having heard a few (don't ask why!!) I can also see that the people in the radio stations know it's easy radio - get a topical subject (todays may be: "Broadcaster apologies to rugby watching families for porn on a Sunday afternoon"), make some "controversial" remarks ("Nothing wrong with a bit of porn, be good for little Johnny, surely") and sit back and let the eejits create a show for you - money for old rope eh.

I suspect it's this bunch that laugh all the way to the bank.

Is it because Kiwis don't like change?


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