Masturbation And Pigs - It's All Being Discussed On My Work Blog

Not just Google Ads = Masturbation but also chickens and pigs making breakfast, superheroes and making IT Policy writers sweat - who says work blogs have to be boring?

On the Google side of things I've:

Talking of social, be aware Facebook (M$) wants the keys to YOUR Web experience!
On a lighter and more constructive note the NZ National Library reviewed one year of Flickr use

And then I have walked through the day-to-day stuff I do at client sites such as:
I've also pleaded for people to think before jumping for the computer.
But it may all be pointless as most companies who try to do Enterprise 2.0 will fail

I'm also expanding the 3 pillars of collaboration - watch out for the book and the movie.

But, if you only click on one link make it this and please don't fall into the trap as others have recently


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