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I Declined His Facebook Invitation

The Obama Effect has started in New Zealand and Kiwi politicians are using social networking sites such as Facebook ... in fact, only Facebook as far as I know.

This popped into my Facebook Profile the other week:

And I thought, "Hmm, not my usual type of Facebook friend ... wearing a suit for a start ... and that's one heck of a professional photo ... usually see this over on LinkedIn".

And then I thought, "I wonder who the jolly bee's wax Richard Worth is!?" ... I know, probably should've known or something, but I don't hang out with politicians, or political places, or read political stuff ... in fact this is just a mockery!

So I clicked through to Richard Worth's Facebook profile:

Aaaah, I see ... nice touch with the "HTML Profile box" on the left-hand side (huh?):

And then I remembered that it said there were some "friends" of mine that were "friends" of his ... I wonder who they are:

Now I don't know these people ("friends" though they are) well enough to say that these guys are paid up members of the National Party ... in fact I can safely say there are a couple that are most definitely not, one that is and the rest I haven't got a clue. But isn't that the impression this gives, that they are supporters of Richard Worth.

Or am I reading faaaaarrr too much into Facebook "friends"?

I did decline his very kind invitation and will be doing the same for all those in suits, political parties and other obviously demented members of society.


  1. Ha! I know Regan, Mauricio, David, Sam and David. Think I've met Mark too. June or July last year, Worth (or staffers) sent out a Facebook friend request to me as well.

    I declined it, as I haven't met Worth.


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