Who watches New Zealand free-to-air TV, not me (much)

It has to be said that the Riversdales only get TV1-3, not even Prime or Maori TV so we are limited to the max. However, I'm not sure we'd watch much more "broadcast TV" anyway because ... it's crap.

So how do we get our televisual fix - this way:
  • DVDs
  • YouTube
  • Google Video
  • Joost
  • Other web based TV thingies (Oprah.com for instance)
I would say it's 80% DVDs, 15% YouTube and then a smattering of the rest.

I think what's holding us back shifting more online is not bandwidth speed/capping or video quality (which is what most people assume) but the fact we have our only computer in the study and it can get pretty lonely down here sometimes. TV is actually a social event.

So when we get out WiFi laptops we'll be sorted.

Of course we could just for something from Apple or Sony and dump 'broadcast TV' completely for the full YouTube experience. But then again, it's not JUST about YouTube ...


  1. I've started watching less and less TV since downloading Miro (find out about it @ http://darylmilne.com/story.php?title=miro---get-internet-tv-for-free ) and when I do it's for the social interaction you mentioned. I also much prefer watching episodes on DVD, one or two episodes every night, I find it much more difficult to get into shows like heros and lost when I only watch one episode per week.

  2. Well that was really good posting. I liked it.


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