UK READERS: Virgin Wines + Vouchers FREE TO YOU

I've got, through purely British means, two vouchers of £40 each which have to be used by 31-July-2008. And they are yours - 1st come, first served.

I also have no idea what it means to use them, how good a deal they represent or if they are merely 2 out of 4 billion pushed through British letterboxes on a regular basis.

  1. Go to or Call (UK) 0870-444 5455
  2. Enter your voucher code (AMAZWB40) and password (WINEBANK)
  3. And you have just saved £40
  4. You can now choose your own case, OR make your £40 go further with this month's got deal ...
Enjoy - the small print is:
If you're already a customer, you can't use it. You can only use it once - and not with any other offer. It's valid only if you you at least a 12 bottle case costing £79.99 or more (excl. delivery) unless we say otherwise. You can't exchange it for money (sorry!) but using it gives you an account at our WineBank. For details and benefits visit:


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