Seek (job site) advertises for "Member of Parliament"

What more can I say - there's a job going on Seek as a Member of Parliament ($150,000 - $200,000+)

I bet they get a LOT of applications that are just a we bit flaky.
And if you want to be one here's the job advertisement, apply here ...
Job 1 of 1 - Listed 09 Jun 2008 - Work Type: Full Time
Sub-Classification: Government - Area: Wellington Central
Advertiser: icount - Salary: $150,000 - $200,000+

Member of Parliament
The icount political party ( wishes to recruit six Members of Parliament (MPs) for the next three year term of Parliament. The icount party has been formed to enable members to have a continual say in the direction of New Zealand by voting and commenting on every political decision put before Parliament. The icount MPs (thats you) are responsible for enacting these political decisions in Parliament.

Candidates must have the following attributes:
  • Desire, passion and ability to help New Zealand move ahead
  • A sound understanding of how the New Zealand political system operates
  • A strong understanding of several specialist topic (see the icount discussion area) areas eg Health, Education
  • Strong written skills to help inform a balanced view for icount members on political decisions
  • Ability to work with other parties and icount members to form policies and law
  • Personal Integrity (eg no punching other MPs, no exaggerating or lying to voters)

Remuneration - 150k+ package

  • Base $126,200
  • Expenses $14,280
  • Executive assistant in his or her parliamentary office
  • One full-time equivalent staff member as out-of-Parliament support staff
  • Free domestic air, rail and ferry travel
  • Free accommodation (for parliamentary business)
  • Security system reimbursement
  • Landline, internet and cellphone use
  • Parliamentary superannuation
  • Plus many others perks
Think you've got what it takes? Give it a go!

Successful applicants will need to be voted in by icount members. To put your hand up please visit


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