Rugby commentary the way you'd do it ... but funny

We all think we'd make a better job doing our own rugby commentary but truth be told we'd be boring as buggery and not get any salient info across. Having said that, the current crop of regular TV pundits are pretty friggin' ordinary eh ...

So dump the TV volume and crank up the Alternative Rugby Commentary (ARC) at and listen to Jedi tell it like it really is.

I've listened for a few years now and it seems to me that he's upped the ante a little this year and it's totally professional commentary but still makes me laugh out loud.

How to listen to this coming weekends second All Black test against England in Christchurch - either
  1. Turn on your TV / Internet for your rugby viewing pleasure this Saturday evening
  2. Turn down the volume
  3. Visit
  4. Click on 'Listen live'
  5. Get yourself a cold one
  6. Listen ...
... or ...
  1. Go to TradeMe
  2. Buy an Alternative Rugby Commentary season pass
  3. Get along to the Loaded Hog in Wellington on Saturday evening
  4. Get yourself a cold one
  5. Listen ...
Great review of ARC at the Wellington Daily Photo blog - thanks for the picture


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