Google Reader tip: Share WITH a note

IF ...
you're using Google Reader as your online/web-based RSS reader (and let's face it, who isn't)

AND ...
you're in the habit of clicking the wee "Share" button when you want to let the world partake of a particularly tasty article you've just read

OR ...
you'd like to share a page you're reading elsewhere

THEN ...
  • click the "Share with note" and tell the world why you think it's worth sharing
  • click the 'Note in Reader" bookmarklet
(more details at Google Reader blog)

ELSE ...
don't share at all because if you can't explain why then you're probably just adding to the noise.


See more about "Share with Note" AND how Google Reader is gaining Twitter-like features at Google adds all the right stuff to sharing items. For more details on the "Share any page with Google Reader bookmarklet" see SheGeeks

And that post took me right back to me BASIC days :-)


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