3 things wrong with you (as a Kiwi/New Zealander)

Miki details three facets of being a Kiwi that he thinks are to "our" detriment:
  1. At heart, we are not engaging people
  2. We have low degrees of financial literacy in the part of the market we need it most
  3. We settle - it's good enough
I strongly disagree with number 1 and I would merely point out the difference of walking into a shop here in New Zealand and one in London.

Hmm, financial literacy hits home ... but aren't I Welsh ...
Maybe he has a point there, what do you think?

Point 3, definitely. People are seem to be quite willing to accept crap service (say). But maybe that's about picking the fights and not sweating the small stuff.

Interesting points Miki makes, leave a comment here or there after reading his full post.


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