The Snow Queen - something for the kids next school holidays

We've been along to a few productions and I have thoroughly enjoyed each one, very professionally done ... oh, and the kids have had a blast as well!

Bookings can be made online or by phone, 04-934 4068
Our next school-holiday production is *The Snow Queen*.

Originally written by Hans Christian Anderson, The Snow Queen is a magical story of love and courage. Well loved in Europe, this will be the first time it has been performed in Wellington. The adaptation by Anna Elizabeth Burns retains the magic, innocence and beauty of the original using drama, songs and puppets.

Kai and Gerda are best friends. They live opposite each other and play together all year round. One summer, Kai is infected with a piece of evil goblin glass, which turns his heart to ice. The following winter, the Snow Queen takes him away from his village and up to her ice castle in the north. No one knows where he has gone. The following spring, little Gerda sets off to find Kai, as she believes in her heart that he can be found. What follows is an amazing series of adventures, as Gerda journeys further and further north into the snow and ice. On her way she is befriended by a colourful assortment of characters - an (almost) good witch, a crow, a prince and princess, the Little Robber Girl and her mother, Bae the reindeer, and the old Lap Woman in the north. With their help, Gerda finally arrives at the Ice Palace to save Kai. Can she release him from the Snow Queen's icy clutches?

A journey of love and hope, this story will warm the hearts of adults and children alike.

July 8th to 19th at Wellington Performing Arts Centre [Google Map] - shows will be at 11am and 1pm.

Kapitall Kids Theatre.


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