Miramar Cinema in the paper with the latest from Jamie Selkirk

As promised here's the DomPost article about the Miramar Cinema - check out the DomPost's article for a great picture of a Miramar eyesore
Capitol eyesore to get makeover
REBECCA THOMSON - The Wellingtonian | Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Plans to redevelop Miramar's disused cinema should put an end to residents' anguish about the state of the building

Camperdown Studios, owned by Peter Jackson and Jamie Selkirk, bought the art deco Capitol Court cinema in January 2003 and the building has remained empty since.

However, Mr Selkirk says there are plans to re-develop the building into a three-cinema theatre with cafe and bar.

"It's hoped that over the next few months I will be able to give insight as to a timeline to make a start on construction work.

"I fully understand the community's concern about the state of the building. It is in a sorry state and deserves better."


Mr Selkirk would not say when renovation was likely to start but said, "I am in discussions with colleagues about how best to proceed with the re-development of the building.

"Obviously a viable business plan is essential to ensure that what is envisaged will be achievable and if so, Miramar could well have a facility that all will be proud of."


The theatre was built between 1920 and 1929. It is not listed with either the Historic Places Trust or Wellington City Council.


I will post if we hear anything "over the next few months" from Jamie Selkirk - that's around the beginning of September, 2008.

My view is still that they want to use the LoTR/Hobbit, King Kong and even TinTin stuff (props, paintings et al) to make it a cinema truly worthy of Weta/Wingnut and the rest of the Miramar film gang. I suspect it will probably happen at sometime and when it finally opens it will be something quite spectacular and worthy of the wait - however, the wait shouldn't be a silence and seemingly for ever.

I also think that the either the Chocolate Fish/Frog crew or Eva Dixons bunch will end up running the cafe/bar - I would be chuffed if they did.

Finally, the cinema won't be a stand-alone thingy and will tie in very nicely with the Weta Cave which is opening ... soon

[Update] Removed the whole sale cut-n-paste from Wellingtonian site, didn't think it was fair


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