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FriendFreed overwhelming? Just "Hide" things

Oh! My! God! It's so simple really.

I've been complaining how the feed of people from FriendFeed was just too overwhelming and I was losing all hope in ever getting any value from it. And the main culprit of the overwhelm-ness? Twitter!

Every other item was a tweet from someone somewhere in the world. And 99.999999% were time specific ... no good for me when I pop in of a morning to read my feeds.
And with the volume of crap coming through all the tweets were drowning out the good stuff.

And then I went on to the FriendFeed website, was trawling thorough the avalanche looking for something when I noticed the wee light blue 'Hide' link:

And once you click it you can HIDE THE TWITTER ... or whatever you want, for instance I also use it to hide my own stuff as I know when I posted a blog entry or added a bookmark to Delicious.

And the best BEST thing is that it also hides them from the RSS feed ... no more Twitter updates in my FriendFeed again, yaaay, it's usable!