Crickey! Celebrating British comics finest era

One of my finest Jack moments recently was when he came up to me and said, "Dad, I love being in the Beano club with you", made my Great British heart melt!

If you are so inclined to recall the fine tradition of British comics then I recommend you check out Crickey!:
The British are known throughout the world as an eccentric people – and if anyone peeked through a stack of typical comics from the 50s, 60 and 70s you’d find enough proof to have our island race quarantined for the safety of humankind.

No matter what your particular – or peculiar – taste, British comics has something of interest for you concealed under its many covers.


If you have a passion for the strange and the kind of humour that often leaves you laughing out loud when all around you are blank-faced and oh so silent, then Crikey! is the nostalgic magazine for you.

And if you want to share you're particular memory of a British comic then drop them a line

And finally, read the excellent Forbidden Planet blog posting, Crikey! It’s Saturday!, from which I was alerted to Crickey! in the first place.


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