When life get's you down Mrs Brown ...

Then read the following English blogs:

  • Kaliyuga Kronicles
    There are less advertisement breaks. This means that the fucking thing is finished more quickly.
  • JonnyB's Private Secret Diary
    Essentially, shorter toenails would not change my life materially for better or worse, whereas I suspect that a reduction in leg quantity would.
  • greavsie!
    Not all day mind, because when good things happen to other people it's worth being happy for them.
    There's cat crap in the vegetable patch again too...
    ...Ah, modern life.
  • Scaryduck
    We grabbed a plastic bag, and with my new-found friends forming an outward-facing circle around me while I went about my grim task as if I were merely cutting off a length in my own shed, as any grown man would.

And this Irish one:
  • Head Rambles
    Was last week Organ Donor Awareness Week? I wasn’t aware of that.
    It’s a pity, because I always wanted an organ.


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