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Wellington City Library - nice set of resources Joanne, but can I make a suggestion?

I regularly receive a very nice email from Joanne who, I assume, sits inside my local sanctuary (?) that we generally know as the Wellington City Library. The email outlines latest malarkey happening in aforementioned place of bookyness and has useful links to get more out of the learnings and fun that's just bursting to get into your brain.

Let me share the latest with you but why not get it yourself using MyLibrary?
New features:

1. The Recent Picks pages have been updated. Note the latest

- biographies at

- historical fiction at

- contemporary fiction at and

- popular science at

2. The CHILDREN'S section has new features

- 2 new video files to download of readings of children's picturebooks

- a blog dedicated to children's topics, library events and recent arrivals at

- Kids' choice audio podcast - staff describe new book selections at

3. STREAMED MUSIC is now available via the Library's website. Logon to listen to streaming audio of more than 276,000 tracks from over 19,000 CDs, with 500 CDs added monthly. Includes almost all the standard classical
repertoire, as well as other genres such as jazz, blues, nostalgia, new age, world music, some pop and rock, and music and information aimed at children.

It includes the complete catalogues of Naxos, BIS, Chandos and others, plus selected titles from other independent labels such as V2 (At The Drive-In, Datsuns, Stereophonics), and New Zealand labels Atoll, Rattle, and White Cloud.

Naxos Music Library can not currently be accessed from the public computers in the library - use your library card to logon from home via

4. FIJIAN language section has been added to our Migrant communities library guide :

Pretty good eh, could be formatted a little better but now I'm just being picky ... or am I?

[caveat=" if the email is 'personalised' then forget the following"]

I would also suggest they move to a more "blog + email newsletter" model (such as you can do with this blog) which would greatly increase the ways we could all receive their updates for no more cost to themselves. In essence they create the words (as above), post them and then they are syndicated out in as many ways as you/they can shake a Web 2.0 stick at!

Of course they do have blogs at the library, why not a "latest news" category which people can "subscribe" to - I will send this suggestion to them :-)


Wellington City Library blogs:
  • WCL blog - a continually updated page highlighting news of interest to our customers.
    We welcome feedback
  • Business
  • Kids
  • Teens - isn't this the worst 'tag line for a partiuclar audience' you've ever read, "Wellington City Libraries catering for the teenage demographic" - yeah, down with the kids maaan
On a related notes, check out