How would you feel if your blog posts ended up in a national newspaper?

My blog posts haven't I know a man who has.
JonnyB highlights what is probably a common misconception with journalists (newspaper, TV and radio) about blogs:

There’s nothing quite so Rikfromtheyoungonesesque about people with blogs getting on their high horse about print journalists, except perhaps print journalists getting on their high horse about people with blogs. Clearly, however, there’s a little bit of a mutual-understanding issue here. I always go for cock-up over conspiracy, but one paragraph of his reply to me does seem a bit… a bit not quite fitting in with what I thought things were about.

‘We generally take the view that blogs published on the internet have already been placed in the public domain by their authors and, in case of amateur writers, most people are happy to have their work recognised and displayed to a wider audience.’


Probably yet another example of people imagining that the Web is "just a hobby really, just somewhere for the kids to hang out and for saddo's to share their holiday snaps".

As he says ... discuss (over there)


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