Google's revenue for the last quarter: US$3.7BILLION

A mere US$1.31b in profit* ... for 3 months work ... A single solitary lonesome Google share will set you back around US$506* ...

And it's not just Google doing OK
IBM, US$2.32b PROFIT for 12 weeks toil*.
But spare a thought for 'poor' old Intel whose profits fell 12% to US$1.4b for 84 days at the office*.
And as for Microsoft ... couldn't find it - even the Wall Street Journal's MSFT News page was all about Google, that's gotta annoy somebody somewhere.

I know, I know it's all funny money but it's can sometimes be quite amazing/sad/crazy how much money a few companies make and how much the lack of money causes soooo many people hardship.

* Source: Computerworld - Wall Street Beat: Google, IBM, Intel lift gloom


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