Cardiff City FC in the FA Cup Final - what sport can mean

Cardiff City FCAs you may know I'm not really a football/soccer sort of guy and, despite my recent comments, I'm probably not really ever gonna be. Being from Wales however my attention is raised whenever I see something "Welsh" and the fact the Cardiff are in the FA Cup Final definitely did that.

I then blasted off an email to my oldest school friend who, unlike me, isn't so tied to just rugby. Having said that he is as Welsh as they come and, of course, rugby is probably his number one sport. I also remembered that he was (is) a Cardiff FC supporter and recall the posters on his walls.

In the email I asked if it was true and how cool was it for him. His reply reminds me how sport can be more than just a game and that it generates awesome memories, great moments in lives and can be a focus for the happiest and most communal times we have.

His reply:
Cardiff City in the FA Cup final: What a MAD MAD World!!!!!

In 1972 I would catch the Hill’s bus in Rhymney with my grandad to travel down the valley to Cardiff. Ham sarnies wrapped up in a paper bag from his shop. Change buses to Ninian Park, queue outside the ground and sit on a cold wooden bench watching Cardiff City eek out a result against Oldham Athletic or Bristol City.

Wonderful halcyon days. Not so much for the quality of football, but time spent with my ‘Papa’.

They say that if you ever find a credit card or mobile phone in Cardiff, the PIN number is 1927: the last time Cardiff won the FA Cup and the ONLY time it has been taken outside of Engand.

Trying desperately to get tickets as [daughter] is following the tradition of being a Cardfiff City supporter (she has already outgrown 2 Cardiff shirts). Spent last Sunday watching the semi-final as a family together with a number of [daughter]’s friends who came round for the occasion.

Win or lose, this year, for the first time in over a decade, it’s a REAL FA Cup competition.

Go Cardiff in the English FA Cup Final!

Saturday, 17 May 2008 (3pm, GST), Portsmouth v Cardiff


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